Our engineered insulation products help builders save time and money and contribute to the construction of high-performance homes and buildings that are more durable, efficient and comfortable.

Logix Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) is the complete construction solution for above and below-grade walls of high- performance homes and commercial buildings.

Fully backed by a comprehensive array of technical support and resources, Logix ICF accomplishes 6 construction steps in 1 and saves builders significant time and money.

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Halo is The Advanced Graphite Insulation System. Every Halo product is designed perfectly for its specific application.

Our innovative Halo products provide continuous insulation and eliminate thermal bridging. They resist breakage and can eliminate construction steps such as vapor, water and radon barriers.

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Compact 4’ x 2’ Heat-Sheet radiant floor panels are convenient to stock and easy-to-install.

Heat-Sheet panels are engineered to save up to 75% of pex pipe installation labor and can eliminate taping and poly

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All-purpose high-performance Chrome GPS is powered by graphite polystyrene (GPS).

The graphite reflects radiant heat energy like a mirror and allows GPS to provide up to 20% greater effective R-Value than regular expanded polystyrene foam board insulation.