Engineered Exterior Insulation

You think you need regular Insulation Products… What you really need is Logix Brands Engineered Insulation Products. Here’s why.

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Fast & Easy Installation

Our Halo Exterra line is the perfect solution for exterior walls. Lightweight and durable, our engineered insulation speeds up installation while saving skilled labour.

Better than EPS or XPS

Our GPS insulation retains it’s R-Value over time, delivers greater R-Values in low temperatures, minimizes energy loss and provides superior indoor air quality compared to EPS and XPS.

Water Resistive and Breathable

Our proprietary perforation technology makes Exterra breathable (up to a thickness of 2″) and allows vapor to escape, helping to keep the wall healthy and dry. Exterra is also a water-resistive barrier which makes it truly unique. Exterra keeps water to the exterior without the need for additional house wrap.