High-performance Chrome GPS® is powered by graphite enhanced polystyrene (GPS). Distinguished by its distinctive silver/grey color, GPS is comprised of many small pockets of air within a polymer matrix containing graphite. The graphite reflects radiant heat energy like a mirror and increases the resistance GPS has to the flow of heat (or R-value) by up to 20% when compared to conventional EPS.


Delivers R-5 per nominal inch* in both low and medium density applications. Its higher R-value means a thinner profile, which also means lower freight and installation costs.

Eliminates all thermal bridging and also powers up when it gets colder, delivering even more R-value.

Resistant to aging and decay, delivers the highest true R-value performance with no less R-value over time. It also offers high resistance to normal soil moisture.

*per nominal inch (1.06″)

Breathable and semi-permeable, this high performance insulation reduces the risk of mould, rot, and structural damage often associated with condensation and long-term water retention. It’s also GREENGUARD certified for superior indoor air quality.

Manufactured locally and contains 25x less embodied carbon (GWP) than a leading XPS insulation, and 57x less than another. Chrome GPS offers a much smaller carbon footprint and a contribution to LEED certification.

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