Introduction to the Pathway to Performance Program By Logix Brands

Building codes in the United States of America (USA) and Canada are constantly changing as both countries move at different speeds towards Net Zero Energy Ready (NZER) or Net Zero Energy (NZE) levels of performance for residential construction.

To assist builders through this process of change, we have developed a comprehensive section detail guide called Pathways to Performance (PTP), that integrates our engineered insulation solutions within the overall building enclosure.

The PTP guide has been developed for architects and builders to help them navigate the complexities of these building codes.

Instead of spending hours looking through the building code for specific requirements for residential construction, the architect or builder can simply reference the PTP section detail to understand what is required to achieve compliance.

PTP Cover
PTP Sample Page

The PTP guide can be download from here in PDF or AutoCAD format. The AutoCAD files are open format and can be adjusted to suite specific project requirements again saving valuable time for the architect or the builder by providing them a starting point.

Why should architects and builders use PTP?

It will save them a significant amount of time as Logix Brands technical staff have reviewed both the USA and Canadian building code requirements to ensure minimum objectives have been met so a building permit could be obtained.

Detail of Halo® Exterra® Above Grade Wall Assembly & ICF Below Grade Assembly

Flexibility is also built into the details as exterior insulation thickness, as one example, can be adjusted depending on project requirements. Further, if you want to build better, best practices have been referenced through out the section details incorporating key building science practices that will help to ensure a durable, comfortable, and energy efficient building.

Detail of Heat-Sheet® Heavy Radon Mitigation System with ICF Foundation

PTP couldn’t be easier to use. First step, determine how you want to build the slab, foundation wall, above grade wall, and roof or ceiling assembly. Because Logix Brands can offer the market engineered insulation solutions there are various options for each of those four building components such as:

Each of these products offer unique attributes that simplify installation, save time, and eliminate construction steps. The hardest thing is deciding how you want to build, but don’t worry Logix Brands is always here to help guide building enclosure selection if you need a hand.

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